Rare Signed & First Edition Charles Dickens Books | The First Edition

The First Edition sale of autographs and signed books to include autograph letters signed (ALS), signed cheques, signed photographs, signed postcards, signed programmes, signed limited edition books and signed first edition books.


The First Edition antiquarian books for sale includes Harriet Beecher Stowe A Key To Uncle Tom's Cabin, William Makepeace Thaceray The Newcomes, Mark Twain rare books, Walter Crane The Baby's Opera, Jonathan Swift Voyages De Gulliver, Alfred Lord Tennyson Enoch Arden, Kate Greenaway Under the Window


Huntley and Palmers biscuit tins and a Jacobs biscuit tin are for sale to include the rare Huntley and Palmers Lusitania biscuit tin and the Huntley and Palmers Winston Churchill biscuit tin


British Royal Family collectables for sale includes Queen Victoria original photographs, King Edward VII coronation programmes, Prince Charles christening press photographs, and British Royal Family Bas Relief postcards


Charles Dickens first edition books, signed limited edition books, signed postcards for sale includes Nicholas NicklebyMan, Sketches By Boz, Martin Chuzzlewit, Mystery of Edwin Drood, and more.

Includes Walter de la Mare Desert Island and Robinson Crusoe signed book, The Ingoldsby Legends, Hans Andersen Fairy Tales and Legends , Joel Chandler Harris The Story of Aaron, and many more


Cigarette Cards and Trade Cards for sale includes Boys' Cinema Fanous Heroes complete set, Walt Disney Characters complete set, Star Wars trade cards series 1, Star Wars trade cards series 2, and Golf Strokes complete set

Comic books and annuals for sale include Felix The Cat annuals, film annuals, Batman annual, The Six Million Dollar Man annual, Doctor Who annual, Flintstones annual, Wombles pop-up book, anbd many more.

Film and TV memorabilia for sale includes campaign books, Charlie Chaplin collectables, film books, film postcards, film posters, film programmes,,and film sheet music.

Illustrated books for sale include Andrew Lang Princes and Princesses, The Ingoldsby Legends illustrated by Arthur Rackham, Peter Pan In Kensington Gardens illustrated by Arthur Rackham, Charles Dickens Mr Pickwick illustrated by Frank Reynolds, 

Modern first edition books for sale include Ian Fleming The Man With The Golden Gun, Mark Twain 1601 limited edition, John Lennon A Spaniard In The Works, The Book Of The Queen's Dolls House, Bart Kennedy Slavery, TE Lawrence The Mint, and many more


Postal history for sale includes collection of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth coronation first day covers, & selection of aviation covers

Postcards for sale include vintage postcards that include Mabel Lucie Attwell postcards, Louis Wain cat postcards, film postcards, Donald McGill postcards, Charles Dickens postcards, and British Royal Family postcards.

Press photographs for sale include collection of press photographs betweeen 1940 and 1952, collection of 11 1948 London Olympic Games press photogrraphs, collecrtion of 10 The Muppets press photographs, collection of Prince Charles christening photographs, and Charlie Chaplin press photographs.

Rock and Pop Memorabilia for sale includes a very large Star Scene '65 with original ticket stub, The Jam autographed postcard, Madonna signed photograph, Madonna Shanghai Surprise film poster, Madonna Who's Taht Girl film poster, Prince Under The Cherry Moon, and other great Elvis Presley, Beatles, Stones, vinyl collectables available at The First Edition.

A large range of vintage theatre programmes, with many from the London Palladium. The plays include Peter Pan, Alright At Oxford Circus, O-Kay For Sound, London Rhapsody, Swing Is In The Air, London's Follies Bergere, Rocking The Town, Robinson Crusoe, Large As Life, and many more

Sporting collectables for sale include Muhammad Ali boxing programmes, other boxing programmes to include Henry Cooper, Muhammad Ali His Life And Times signed by Ali, football programmes, golf trade cards, and press photographs

Titanic collectables for sale include Titanic postcards and Millvina Dean autographs

Vintage Walt Disney collectables are for sale that includes Walt Disney Mickey Mouse annuals, Silly Symphony first edition books, Snow White slides, Snow White toys, Disney trade cards, and much more.


Agatha Christie Book Why Didnt They Ask Evans

Agatha Christie books for sale include Death Comes As The End, Why Didn't They Ask Evans, After The Funeral, Destination Unknown, At Bertram's Hotel, By The Pricking Of My Thumbs, and others

Arthur Rackham Books

Arthur Rackham books for sale include The Ingoldsby Legends, Peter Pan, A Dish Of Apples, Peer Gynt, The Ring Of The Niblung, Mother Goose, and Sleeping Beauty


Edmuind Dulac books for sale include Edmund Dulac's Picture Book For The French Red Cross, Tanglewood Tales, My Days With The Fairies, and Sleeping Beauty


Elvis Presley EPs, Elvis Presley LPs, Elvis Presley film posters and Elvis Presley film lobby cards are for sale at The First Edition. Great original Elvis Presley collectables include Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires 1957 EP, Elvis' Christmas Album with booklet 1957, Loving You LP 1957, and more 

Leslie Charteris books for sale include The Last Hero, She Was A Lady, Call For The Saint, Vendetta For The Saint, The Saint And The People Importers, and Catch The Saint.


Beatles collectables for sale include Beatles singles, Beatles LPs, Beatles sheet music, John Lennon  first edition book A Spaniard In The Works, Beatles concert programmes, Paul McCartney singles, and Ringo Starr singles.


Film postcards for sale include collection of cowboys, film stars of the 1920's to the 1950's.


PG Wodehouse books for sale include Piccadilly Jim, The Clicking Of Cuthbert, Inimitable Jeeves, The Coming Of Bill, Meet Mr Mulliner, The Small Bachelor, Very Good Jeeves, Big Money, and many others


Rudyard Kipling books for sale include In Black And White, Under The Deodars, The Seven Seas, Abaft The Funnel, The Jungle Book, and Land And Sea Tales For Scouts And Guides.

The First Edition has a large collection of Louis Wain cats books and postcards for sale. The Louis Wain cats books for sale includes The Marvelous Story of Puss In Boots


Film sheet music for sale includes The Godfather, Deep In The Heart Of Texas, Walt Disney Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf, Walt Disney Song Of The South, The Sheik, The Son Of The Sheik, A Night At The Opera, Gulliver's Travels, The Goldwyn Follies, For Me An My Gal, Walt Disney Mary Poppins,


Film posters for sale include Elvis Presley Frankie and Johnny, Clint Eastwood Sudden Impact, Dudley Moore Arthur 2, Bruce Willis Blind Date, Tom Hanks The Burbs, Tom Cruise Top Gun, and many more.

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