Rare Signed & First Edition Charles Dickens Books | The First Edition
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New Arrivals

Includes Elvis Special annuals between 1964 and 1985, Black Beauty vintage illustrated books, Alice In Wonderland books, Peter Pan books, George Catlin early editionbooks, and more


Featured Books & Collectables

Includes Alice In Wonderland books, Peter Pan books, George Catlin North American Indians early editions, Elvis Presley vintage records and film posters, Rudyard Kipling The Jungle Book, vintage Disney collectables, film and entertainment collectables,and much more


Alice In Wonderland

Includes a rare deluxe edition of Alice In Wonderland i original leather binding, Alice In Wonderland books illustrated by Sir John Tenniel, Margaret W. Tarrant, Rene Cloke, and vintage Alice In Wonderland trade cards


Peter Pan


Includes J.M.Barrie Peter Pan books illustrated by Arthur Rackham, mabel Lucie Attwell, Rene Cloke, Alice B. Woodward, and Walt Disney Peter Pan trade cards



Includes vintage maps of the United States of America, George Catlin's North American Indians early edition books,  trade cards depicting American Indians in their traditional costumes, Elvis Presley collectables,vintage Disney collectables, and more, 


Biscuit Tins

Includes rare vintage Huntley and Palmers Lusitania biscuit tin manufactured for the export market, Huntley and Palmers Sir Winston Churchill commemorative biscuit tin, and more


Royal Family Collectables


Includes Queen Victoria rare vintage photographs, a rare large archive of vintage British Royal Family photographs, Bas Relief postcards, collection of Prince Charles christening photographs, coronation programmes, and more


Autographs & Signed Books


Includes rare large archive of Leslie Charteris, author of The Saint books, signed letters and other signed pieces, William Farnum rare signed photograph, Doris Day signed photograph for Picture Show annual, Moe Howard handwritten letter, Bob Hope autograph  on a theatre programme, Enid Blyton note on a postcard, Muhammad Ali signed biography,and much more 


Antiquarian Books

Includes William Makepeace thackeray The Newcomes first edition in the original cloth, Mark Twain A Tramp Abroad in the original cloth, Randolph Caldecott first and early edition books, Walter Crane The Baby Opera, Rudyard Kipling first and early edition books, Edward Lear The Book of Nonsense, Kate Greenaway illustrated books, George Cruikshank The Comic Almanack, and many more Antiquarian Books


Children's Illustrated Books

Includes Black Beauty books, Alice In Wonderland n books; Peter Pan and Peter Pan and Wendy books; Rudyard Kipling The Jungle Book;  W.E. Johns Gimlet Lends A Hand; Kenneth Grahame; Edward Lear The Book of Nonsense; Beatrix Potter The Tale of Little Pig Robinson; A.A. Milne Now We Are Six; Grimm's Fairy Tales; and many other Children's Illustrated Books


Louis Wain

Includes The Monkey That Would Not Kill, The Marvelous Story of Puss In Boots, Our Darlings, and Louis Wain cats postcards


Wizard of Oz

Includes Kabumpo in Oz, The Wonder City of Oz, The Magical Mimics in Oz, and a Jack Haley signed cheque/check


Comic Books & Annuals


Includes Felix The Cat Annual 1927, Felix The Cat Annual 1928, Felix The Cat Annual 1929, Doctor Who Annual 1978, The Flintstones Annual 1980, Batman Bumper Book 1970, and others


Rupert The Bear


Includes Margot the Midget and the Little Bear’s Christmas,  The New Rupert Book 1938, The Monster Rupert, 1950, The New Rupert Book 1951, Rupert Facsimile Annuals, and more


Illustrated Books

Includes Arthur Rackham illustrated books; Black Edmund Dulac illustrated book; Beauty books illustrated by Cecil Aldin, John Beer, and Lionel Edwards; Peter Pan books illustrated by Mabel Lucie Attwell and others; Alice In Wonderland books illustrated by Mabel Lucie Attwell and others; Tannhauser illustrated and signed by Willy Pogany;  and many others