Enid Blyton Books

Enid Blytton books for sale include Enid Blyton Boys’ and Girls’ Story Book No 3 first edition 1935, Enid Blyton Polly Piglet “An Enid Blyton Picture Book” first edition 1944, Tuck’s Annual For Boys and Girls Foreword by Enid Blyton 1949, Enid Blyton’s Happy Story Book first edition second impression 1949, Bom Goes to Ho Ho Village first edition 1958, and Rumble and Chuff "The First Book" first edition 1958

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American Books

Visit the American Books page for rare and collectable books about or originating from America

Antiquarian Books

Visit Antiquarian Books for rare & collectable novels and children's illustrated books that are over 100 years old

Charles Dickens Books

Rare & collectable Charles Dickens books for sale includes a rare Nicholas Nickleby 1839 first edition book with additional plates by Thomas Onwhyn

Mark Twain Books

Mark Twain books for sale includes the rare A Tramp Aboard 2 volumes from 1880, and 1601 1936 limited edition book

Children's Illustrated Books

Visit Children's Illustrated Books for some of the most collectable books on the market to currently include J.M. Barrie's Peter and Wendy (1911) illustrated by F.D. Bedford

Mabel Lucie Attwell Books

Rare and early Mabel Lucie Attwell books are for sale to include Fairy Tales from 1911 and 2 different versions of Little Red Riding Hood and Other Stories 1915.

Enid Blyton Books

Early Enid Blyton books for sale include Enid Blyton Boys’ and Girls’ Story Book No 3

Lewis Carroll Books

Lewis Caroll books including Through the Looking Glass 1880 and many other great Alice in Wonderland related books

Kenneth Grahame Books

Rare & collectable Kenneth Grahame books for sale includes The Golden Age Signed Limited Edition Book 1928

W.E. Johns & Biggles Books

Books by W.E. Johns, to include Biggles books and stories are for sale. This includes the rare Biggles on the Spot 1936.

Thomas the Tank Books

Vintage Thomas the Tank books are for sale, including a signed copy of Shapes and Sizes 1991.

Louis Wain Books & Collectables

Rare & collectable Louis Wain books are for sale that includes Puss In Boots circa 1904.

A.A. Milne Winnie the Books

A.A. Milne Winnie the Pooh books for sale includes early Winnie the Pooh books such as When We Were Very Young 1925.

Wizard of Oz Books

Early and first edition Wizard of Oz books for sale includes The Patchwork Girl of Oz 1913.

Edmund Dulac Books

Excellent selection of early and first edition Edmund Dulac first edition books to include Edmund Dulac's Picture Book For The French Red Cross 1915

Willy Pogany Books

Willy Pogany books for sale includes the rare Tannhauser signed limited edition book 1911

Arthur Rackham Books

Arthur Rackham rare and collectable books for sale includes Alice's Adventures In Wonderland first edition 1907, Peter Pan in in Kensington Gardens in the original suede binding 1910, and Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens enlarged edition 1912

Modern First Edition Books

Modern first edition books for sale includes signed and unsigned first edition and early edition books such as Colin Dexter The Wench Is Dead signed first edition Book 1989

Agatha Christie Books

Agatha Christie books for sale includes Destination Unknown first edition book 1954

Leslie Charteris Books

Leslie Charteris books for sale includes signed and unsigned early and first edition books to include  The Ace of Knaves U.S. first edition 1937

Frederick Forsyth Books

Frederick Forsyth early and first edition books for sale includes The Odessa File first edition 1972

Rudyard Kipling Books

Rudyard Kipling books for sale include vintage first edition books and early edition books including The Jungle Book

H.G. Wells Books

H.G. Wells books for sale include some of his early work such as New Worlds For Old first edition 1908

P.G. Wodehouse Books

The First Edition Bookstore has a large selection of first edition and early edition P.G. Wodehouse books for sale taht includes Piccadilly Jim 1920

Signed Books

The First Edition Bookstore Bookstore has a large selection of signed books & signed limited edition books for sale that includes Charles Dickens Mr Pickwick Signed Limited Edition Book 1910

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