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Enid Blyton Postcard with Autograph Note Signed 1954

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Includes Tracked Postage

A rare Enid Blyton Six Cousins postcard with a handwritten note that is signed by Enid Blyton to the reverse of the postcard is for sale. This highly collectable “Enid Blyton’s Magazine” postcard bears the autograph note and signature of Enid Blyton, the author of the Noddy books, the Famous Five books, the Six Cousins books as well as many other children’s illustrated books.


The Enid Blyton postcard bears the postmark for Beaconsfield 5 December 1954 and has written a note to three young children in blue ink that reads (in part):


“You must have made an enormous amount of lavender bags to raise so much money, and I really do feel proud of you. I put the money into my Birthday Fund to buy presents for the children.”


Enid Blyton has signed her name clearly to the bottom of the message and addressed the postcards to the three children in her own hand.


The front of the postcard bears an image from The Six Cousins.


This scarce Enid Blyton’s Magazine Six Cousins postcard is in Good condition with wear to the edges with a minute nick to the top of the postcard (when viewed from the front); an old corner crease to the bottom right corner (when viewed from the front), and a larger old crease to the right portion of the card that has been flattened and is now barely visible.


This is a very attractive and scarce inscribed and signed Enid Blyton Six Cousins postcard that is of museum quality, by one of the twentieth century’s greatest children’s book authors who is still revered around the world to this day.


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