Rare Signed & First Edition Charles Dickens Books | The First Edition

Film & TV Memorabilia

Doris Day Signed Photograph for Picture Show Annual with the 1953 Annual

C. Collodi Pinocchio The Tale of a Puppet First Reprint 1957

Walt Disney’s Pinocchio First Edition Film Book 1940

Walt Disney Production Presents The Aristocats First Edition Book 1971

Walt Disney Alice In Wonderland First Edition Book 1951

Walt Disney Bambi First Edition Book circa 1949

Charlie Chaplin The Funny Wonder August 7 1915

Charlie Chaplin My Wonderful Visit First Edition 1922

The First 3 Charlie Chaplin Essanay Studios Postcards

A Large Collection of 21 Charlie Chaplin Essanay Studios Postcards

Large Vintage Film Postcard Album Containing Approximately 261 Postcards

Bob Hope Autographed Programme 1952

Jean Harlow Signed Photograph Signed by ‘Mama Harlow'

Moe Howard of The Three Stooges Autograph Letter Signed dated 10 January 1970

Phil Silvers Autograph on Sgt Bilko Sketch

Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera Autographs on The Flintstones Photo

Colin Dexter The Wench Is Dead Signed First Edition Inspector Morse Book 1989

Christopher Awdry Shapes and Sizes 1991 Signed Book

Jack Haley Autograph Who Played the Tin Man in the 1939 Wizard of Oz Film

Boys’ Cinema Famous Heroes Complete Set of 24 Film Cards 1922

Star Wars Trade Cards by Topps (UK) First Series 1977

Star Wars Trade Cards by Topps (UK) Rare Second Series 1977

Mutiny on the Bounty Starring Marlon Brando Film Programme 1962

The Story of the Making of  Ben Hur Film Programme 1959

Cleopatra Film Programme 1963 Starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

Doctor Zhivago Film Programme 1965

2001 A Space Odyssey Film Programme 1968

Young Winston Starring Simon Ward Film Programme 1972

Tora! Tora! Tora! Film Programme 1970

The Godfather Starring Marlon Brando Film Programme 1972

Collection of 22 Vintage Film Postcards

Collection of 12 Cowboys and Other Film Star Vintage Postcards

7 Billie Burke Early Photograph Postcards

Collection of 44 Vintage Film Postcards

Collection of 24 Vintage Film Star Postcards

Gene Autry Deep in the Heart of Texas Sheet Music 1942

Walt Disney Silly Symphony Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf Sheet Music 1933

Walt Disney Song of the South Sheet Music 1946

Rudolph Valentino In Dreamy Araby The Sheik Sheet Music 1921

Rudolph Valentino That Night in Araby The Son of the Sheik Sheet Music 1926

The Marx Brothers ‘Alone’ A Night At The Opera Rare Film Sheet Music 1935

Gulliver’s Travels Sheet Music 1939

George and Ira Gershwin The Goldwyn Follies Sheet Music 1938

Judy Garland and Gene Kelly For Me and My Gal Film Sheet Music 1942

The Godfather Souvenir Film Song Album 1972

Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins Portable Chord Organ Song Album 1965

The Sound of Music Maria Film Sheet Music 1965

Simon and Garfunkel Mrs Robinson Film Sheet Music circa 1970’s

James Bond Theme From Russia With Love Sheet Music circa 1970’s

Elvis Presley Loving You Canadian LP 1957

Elvis Presley G.I. Blues US LP Soundtrack 1960

Blue Hawaii U.S. Film Soundtrack LP 1961

Elvis Presley Follow That Dream EP 1962

Elvis Presley Girls! Girls! Girls! U.S. LP 1962

Elvis Presley Kid Galahad EP 1963

Elvis Presley Love In Las Vegas EP 1964

Chaplin The Tramp’s Odyssey First Edition Book 2009

Charlie Chaplin and His Times First Edition Book 1998

The Charlie Chaplin Archives Edited by Paul Johnson Numbered Limited Edition

Charlie Chaplin The Gold Rush Original Film Still 1925

Charlie Chaplin Modern Times Film Window Cards 1936

Charlie Chaplin City Lights Film Window Cards 1931

Film Star Parade Film Book circa 1944

Inside Filmland Life With The Stars Film Book circa 1951

Film Pictorial Annual 1940 Film Book

Junior Film Annual 1946-1947 Film Book

The Boys and Girls Cinema Clubs Annual 1954 Film Book

Walt Disney The Nutcracker Suite from Fantasia circa 1940

Charlie Chaplin Tribute Booklet 1978

Charlie Chaplin Limelight Film Sheet Music 1953

Charlie Chaplin 1952 Press Photograph with Oona Chaplin, Sidney Chaplin & Claire Bloom at The Savoy

Charlie Chaplin Press Photograph Arriving at Southampton 1952

Charlie Chaplin Limelight Tour Press Photograph 1952

Charlie Chaplin Photograph Holding Press Conference 1952

Daily Express Film Book 1935

Charlie Chaplin Press Photograph Waving Outside Savoy Hotel 1952

Charlie Chaplin The Great Dictator Window Cards 1940

The Picture Show Annual 1926 Film Book

The Picture Show Annual 1929 Film Book

3:10 To Yuma Western Film Starring Glenn Ford Columbia Campaign Book 1957

Collection of 3 1970’s British Saucy Film Campaign Books

Brigitte Bardot Babette Goes To War Columbia Pictures Film Campaign Book 1959

Care Bears Film Campaign Collectables

Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry UK Columbia-Warner Campaign Book 1971

Doctor Zhivago Film Campaign Book 1965

From Here To Eternity UK Promotional Columbia Campaign Book 1953

Frankie Howerd Up The Front Film Press Book 1972

Walt Disney Presents Mickey Mouse Anniversary Show Press Book 1970

Walt Disney Donald and the Wheel U.S. Press Book 1961

Bruce Lee Game of Death Rare Film Synopsis 1972

Prince Under the Cherry Moon Film Poster 1986

Madonna Shanghai Surprise 1986 Film Poster

Walt Disney Davy Crockett U.S. One Sheet Poster 1955

Elvis Presley Collectables

Elvis Presley Collectables

Elvis Presley records, Elvis soundtracks, Elvis Presley film posters, Elvis film lobby cards

Oscar Wilde Books

Oscar Wilde Books

Oscar Wilde The Ballad of Reading Gaol, Oscar Wilde De Profundis, Oscar Wilde Salome Tragedy In One Act, Oscar Wilde Miscellanies, Oscar Wilde A Woman Of No Importance, Oscar Wilde The Importance of Being Earnest

Beatles Collectables

Beatles Collectables

Beatles concert programmes, Beatles vinyl records to include Beatles Christmas flexi discs

Antiquarian Books

Antiquarian Books

Antiquarian books for sale includes William Makepeace Thackeray books, Mark Twain books, Kate Greenaway books, and many other collectable books

Illustrated Books

Illustrated Books

Illustrated books for sale include Arthur Rackham books, Edmund Dulac books, Willy Pogany books, and other great illustrated books

Children's Illustrated Books

Children's Illustrated Books

Children's illustrated books for sale include Winnie the Pooh books, Grimm's Fairy Tales, Hans Andersen's fairy tales, and other collectable children's illustrated books

Modern First Edition Books

Modern First Edition Books

Modern first edition books for sale include P.G. Wodehouse books, Agatha Christie books, Leslie Charteris books, Frederick Forsyth books, Rudyard Kipling books, Oscar Wilde books, and many other modern first edition books

Film & TV Memorabilia

Film & TV Memorabilia

Film & TV memorabilia for sale includes autographs, film campaign books, film books, film programmes, film posters, film sheet music, comic books and annuals, and many other film and TV collectables.

Walt Disney Books & Collectables

Walt Disney Books & Collectables

Walt Disney books and collectables for sale include Mickey Mouse books, Snow White books and toys, Pinocchio book, and much more vintage Walt Disney books and collectables.

Cigarette Cards & Trade Cards

Cigarette Cards & Trade Cards

Cigarette cards and trade cards for sale include film and TV cards, Alice In Wonderland cards, Walt Disney cards, rare German card for the Berlin Olympics 1936, rare German cards showing their preparations for World War 2, and many other collectable cigarette cards and trade cards.

Charlie Chaplin Collectables

Charlie Chaplin Collectables

Charlie Chaplin collectables for sale include Charlie Chaplin vintage postcards, Charlie Chaplin My Wonderful Visit autobiography first edition 1922, The Gold Rush film still,, The Great Dictator window cards, rare Charlie Chaplin press photographs, Charlie Chaplin biographies, and many more great Charlie Chaplin collectables

Rock and Pop Memorabilia

Rock and Pop Memorabilia

Rock and Pop Memorabilia for sale includes Elvis Presley collectables, Beatles collectables, Rolling Stones collectables, vinyl records, autographs, concert programmes, and much more Rock and Pop collectables.

Sporting Collectables

Sporting Collectables

Sporting collectables for sale includes football programmes, boxing programmes, Muhammad Ali His Life and Times signed by Ali, and much more rare Sporting Collectables.

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