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Moe Howard of The Three Stooges Autograph Letter Signed dated 10 January 1970

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Includes Tracked Postage

Moe Howard autograph letter signed (ALS) from The Three Stooges is for sale. The Moe Howard autograph letter is on a single sheet of The Three Stooges letter headed paper measuring 5 x 8 inches (approximately) with a wonderful printed cartoon of The Three Stooges to the top of the first page of this wonderful letter that goes to two pages and is signed twice “Moe”. This is a scarce Moe Howard autograph letter signed on the Three Stooges letter head and with great content about the Three Stooges.


This letter is dated 10 Jan 1970 by Moe Howard. The letter is addressed to a friend, Arthur (?) and has terrific content, talking of a future meeting with himself, Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Joe De Rita (“Curly”); and on the second page requests information on their popularity in the UK so that The Three Stooges can make a personal appearance.


The letter reads:


“Dear Friend Arthur,


Received your very nice letter and was pleased to hear from you.


As you state in your letter is is really somewhat premature for me to know where I will be in July. However you may phone our accountant who always knows where we are. His name is Ralph Rasner his phone number is Custruw (?) 84499. He will in turn try to reach me and I of course would be happy to meet with you as will Larry & Curly. In the interim I wish you a Healthful and Delightful 1970. Sincerely Moe




By the way have any of our movies or T.V. films been showing recently in Manchester or any other Part of town in the British Isles or in the provinces. I'm really anxious to know because if so, we may attempt personal appearance bookings in the London area and the provinces.




This wonderful letter is in blue ink and is in Very Good condition with two file holes to the top and envelope folds.


This is a rare and collectable authentic Moe Howard autograph letter signed.

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