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Rare & Collectable Press Photographs

Rare & collectable press photographs for sale include collection of Royal Family press photographs between 1940 and 1952, collection of 11 1948 London Olympic Games press photographs, collection of Prince Charles christening press photographs, and Charlie Chaplin press photographs.


Large Archive of Vintage Royal Family Press Photographs

A large archive of vintage and rare Royal Family press photographs is for sale. The press photographs include rare images of King George V's Silver Jubilee, King George VI funeral, Queen Elizabeth Trooping the Colour, Prince Philip going to the Helsinki Olympic Games, Buckingham Palace balcony photographs and more. View Now

Price: £750.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery


Rare Collection of 5 Press Photographs Featuring Adolf Hitler and Goering

This collection of 5 rare pre-war press photographs is for sale featuring Adolf Hitler and Field Marshall Goering. View Now

Price: £480.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery


Collection of 37 Press Photographs From 1940-1952

This is a wonderful collection of 37 press photographs for sale that date between 1940 and 1952. The press photographs cover a range of topics that include sport, entertainment, children and much more. This a wonderful pictorial look at postwar Britain. View Now 

Price: £55.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery


Collection of 11 London Olympic Games 1948 Press Photographs

A rare collection of 11 London Olympic Games 1948 press photographs, that includes a large 8 x 10 inches (approximate) photograph of the opening ceremony at Wembley Stadium, are for sale. There are 9 press photographs that measure 6 x 8 inches (approximately), and one that measures 4 x 6 inches. Press photographs from the 1948 London Olympic Games are very scarce. View Now

Price: £140.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery


Prince Charles Christening Press Photographs 15th December 1948

Prince Charles christening original Reuters press photographs from 1948 featuring the earliest photographs of Prince Charles heir to the throne with members of the British Royal Family is for sale. Members of the Royal Family photographed include Princess Elizabeth with the baby Prince Charles, King George VI with Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Queen Mary, and others. View Now

Price: £180.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery


Charlie Chaplin Press Photograph Arriving at Southampton 1952

Charlie Chaplin 1952 press photograph on the deck of the RMS Queen Elizabeth arriving at Southampton is for sale. This very rare Charlie Chaplin press photograph shows the movie star photographed with his family, Oona and daughters Geraldine and Josephine. View Now

Price: £95.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery


Charlie Chaplin at Waterloo Station Press Photograph 1952

Charlie Chaplin 1952 press photograph with his wife Oona Chaplin taken at Waterloo Station in 1952 is for sale. This rare and important press photograph shows Charlie Chaplin with wife Oona Chaplin upon arrival at Waterloo Station to start his visit to London to promote his film Limelight. View Now

Price: £95.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery


Charlie Chaplin Press Photograph Waving Outside Savoy Hotel 1952

Charlie Chaplin 1952 press photograph waving outside the Savoy Hotel is for sale. The Charlie Chaplin photograph measures 8 x 10 inches The reverse of the photograph has a P.A. Reuter rubber stamp to the reverse together with a green typed slip adhered to the reverse. View Now

Price: £140.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery