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A Large Collection of 21 Charlie Chaplin Essanay Studios Postcards

A Large Collection of 21 Charlie Chaplin Essanay Studios Postcards


This is the rare opportunity to own 21 vintage Essanay Studio Charlie Chaplin postcards from circa 1915. Each postcard has Charlie Chaplin a scene from one of the silent movies he created for Essanay Studios, with accompanying title of the film, “Red Letter Photocard” to the top of each postcard, and the Essanay Native American logo where the photocard comes from an Essanay film, or blanked out by Essanay Studios if the photocard features an impromptu photograph of Charlie Chaplin not taken from a film.


Charlie Chaplin made 14 short comedies for Essanay Studios in 1915, and one cameo appearance in a Broncho Billy western. Please Note: Essanay Studios was founded by Gloria Swanson and Gilbert M. “Broncho Billy” Anderson.


These Charlie Chaplin Essanay photocard postcards feature Chaplin in the following films: The Perfect Lady; Shanghaied; Charlie At The Bank; Charlie By The Sea; Charlie At Work; Charlie At The Show; Champion Charlie; “Charlie At Sea Snapped On His Way To America” (impromptu photograph of Chaplin clowning around without his moustache); Charlie The Nurse (impromptu photograph of Charlie Chaplin holding a little baby); “Charlie In Private Life” impromptu photograph; and “Charlie’s Day Out (Snapped On Los Angeles Beach)”.


Condition of these vintage Charlie Chaplin postcards is Very Good with a couple being postally used, 6 with printed numbers to the reverse (believed to have been applied by Essanay) and the remainder being blank to the reverse of the postcards. There are some age toning, particularly to the reverse of the postcards, and minor corner knocks.


This is a very attractive collection of Charlie Chaplin early postcards published by one of the early film studios he worked for, Essanay.