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Dandy Book 1959

Dandy Book 1959


Dandy Book 1959 is for sale. The Dandy Book 1959 was published by D.C. Thomson. The Dandy Book 1959 front board bears a Korky the Cat comic strip and the back board features a Desperate Dan comic strip.

The Dandy Book 1959 binding are in Good condition being mostly complete but with small indentations, paper loss to the bottom of the spine, slight separation of the paper to the top of the spine, and corner wear.  The binding of this children’s comic book are worn but the colours are still bright.

There are 125 numbered pages with wonderfully illustrated front endpapers and rear endpapers.  The illustrated “This Book Belongs To” has not been completed, and the opposite Title Page bears a wonderful illustration of Korky the Cat.  The Contents Page is divided into Stories, Comics and Picture Stories.  The pages are extremely clean and in overall Very Good condition with only a small corner removed from page 125 and a small indentation going through the margins of some of the pages towards the end of the book.