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Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Toy Lantern Outfit with Full Colour Slides circa 1930’s

Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Toy Lantern Outfit with Full Colour Slides circa 1930’s


This is a very rare Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Toy Lantern with slides in its original box dating from circa 1930’s. This rare 1930's Walt Disney projector comes with its original box, 8 early Walt Disney boxed colour slides, and the lantern.


The front of the box reads:


“By arrangement with Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Ltd ~
Slides Made In England, Lantern in Czechoslovakia”


The lid of the box is held to the base by its original white ribbon, with the inside of the lid bearing the round red label with a silver coloured Mickey Mouse in relief with the words:


“Mickey Mouse Toy Lantern”.


The box is profusely decorated to the front lid, inside of the lid and to the sides of the box with the favourite Disney characters of the 1930’s and reflecting the slides contained within such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Three Little Pigs, Big Bad Wolf, Santa Claus, and others.


The box measures 11.5 x 9.00 inches (lid, approximately) x 3.00 inches (deep, approximately).


The box is in good condition being complete but with wear to the edges.


The projector comes in the fitted box in three pieces as issued: the lens, the light box and the stand. This is in Very Good condition in appearance, but this projector has not been tested and is sold as a very early Walt Disney collectable.


There are 8 boxed colour slides as follows:


  • Walt Disney Mickey Crusoe
  • Walt Disney The Pied Piper
  • Walt Disney Night Before Christmas
  • Walt Disney Santa’s Workshop
  • Walt Disney The Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood
  • Walt Disney Snow White – 3 boxed slides Chapters 1-3 being complete


The colour slide boxes are in Very Good condition being very attractive with all the flaps, but with many of the small tabs now missing.


The slides should have had small sheets that told the story enclosed, but these are now missing.


The Disney colour slides are in Mint condition.


This is a very rare and collectable Disney boxed toy lantern projector from the 1930’s.