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Rare German Second World War 1936 Cigarette Card Album

Rare German Second World War 1936 Cigarette Card Album


This is a very scarce German cigarette card album, entitled “Die Deutsche Wehrmacht”, containing German text and colour illustrations of German uniforms and insignia. The cigarette cards are laid down onto the pages and show the German preparations for war. This is a scarce and historic piece of German militaria.


The album measures 10.25 x 13.00 inches(approximately), with each double page bearing a decorative border. The colour cigarette cards depict German soldiers in uniform carrying out manoeuvres and exercises in their training for the Second World War which was to start 3 years later in 1939. This album is packed with rare images of German soldiers in uniform, and in different situations.


Additionally, there are 58 loose cards that appear to be from this series and unused.

12 pages (6 cards per page) have no cards adhered in the album, and there are some pages lacking some cards. It is unknown whether the loose cards go to make up any that are missing.


The album is in Good condition with a crease to the top right corner of the front cover, 3 leaves detached, and one leaf partially detached.


Together these cards show the land, air and sea preparations of the Germans for the Second World War. These German trade cards appear to be a propaganda tool to evoke confidence in the German people of the might of the German forces on land, in the air and on the seas. This is an incredibly scarce piece of militaria that is of huge historic interest.