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Grimm’s Fairy Tales Translated by L.L. Weedon circa 1920

Grimm’s Fairy Tales Translated by L.L. Weedon circa 1920


Author: Translated by L.L. Weedon


Illustrator:  Ada Dennis , E. Stuart Hardy. and other illustrators


Title: Grimm’s Fairy Tales


Year of Publication: circa 1898


Edition: Very early or first edition


Publisher: Ernest Nister; E.P. Dutton & Co n.d., London; New York


Size of Book: 


Brief Details of This Book:


This edition of Grimm’s Fairy Tales is undated, but is believed to have been published in circa 1898, and has 10 colour illustrations.


The Grimm’s fairy tales included in this book include:


1.  Little Snow White
2.  The Changeling
3.  Brother and Sister
4.  The Three Lazybones
5.  The Fisherman and His Wife
6.  The Man of Iron
7.  The Story of the Death of the Little Hen
8.  Rapunzel
9.  King Thrush-Beard
10.  The Three Brothers
11.  The Table, The Ass, and The Stick
12.  Find-Birdie
13.  The Willow-Wren and the Bear
14.  Bearskin
15.  Doctor Knowall
16.  The Six Swans
17.  The Good Bargain
18.  Hop-o’-My Thumb’s Wanderings
19.  Odds and Ends
20.  The Three Little Men In The Wood
21.  The Queen Bee
22.  The King of the Golden Mountain
23.  The Raven
24.  Snow-White and Rose-Red
25.  A Riddle Story
26.  The Knapsack, The Hat, and The Horn
27.  John The Faithful
28.  Clever Grethel
29.  The Three Feathers
30.  One-Eye, Two-Eyes, And Three-Eyes
31.  The Old Woman In The Wood
32.  The Giant’s Three Golden Hairs


Condition of the Binding:


The original blue binding has a wonderful illustration to the front board that is highlighted in gilt. The binding is in Very Good + condition with marks to the top edge of the front board, marks to the back board, and slight knocks to the top and bottom of the spine.


Condition of the Pages:


There are 208 numbered pages , all edges red, with illustrations to the front and rear endpapers, stunning black and white and colour illustrations throughout the book with the pages still tightly bound-in, and with an inscription in pencil in an attractive hand to the top of the illustrated Half Title Page; light marks and foxing throughout the book. Internally, this book is still very attractive and in Very Good + condition.