• Looking Glass Letters The Illustrated Letters 1991

    Thomas Hinde Looking Glass Letters first edition book is for sale. Thomas Hinde Looking Glass Letters is a very detailed Lewis Carroll biography published by C&B Publishing. The dust jacket is in Fine condition, the binding is in Near Fine condition and the pages are in Fine condition. This is an exceptional and collectable Lewis Carroll book. A wonderful large Lewis Carroll biography packed with illustrations.


    The Looking-Glass Letters front of the dust jacket bears a Lewis Carroll self-portrait from c.1863, the Drink Me illustration by John Tenniel for the Nursery Alice, and the Looking-Glass letter. The Looking-Glass Letters back of the dust jacket features a photograph of Alice Liddell who was the inspiration behind the original Alice from Lewis Carroll Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and her sister photographed by Lewis Carroll.


    The Thomas Hinde Looking-Glass Letters dust jacket is in Fine condition.


    The Thomas Hinde Looking-Glass Letters original plain black boards have gilt lettering to the spine and are in Near Fine condition with only very slight marks to the front and back boards possibly having been rubbed against the dust jacket.


    Thomas Hinde Looking-Glass Letters has 160 numbered pages, with original plain brown endpapers, a colour frontispiece of The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party illustrated by John Tenniel for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Opposite the Copyright Page is the Contents Page which lists the contents of this Lewis Carroll biographical book as follows


    • Introduction, Parson’s Son,
    • Oxford Academic,
    • Alice in Wonderland,
    • Through the Looking-Glass,
    • The Snark,
    • Sylvie and Bruno,
    • Biographical chronology,
    • Index, and
    • Acknowledgements.


    The pages are in Fine condition.

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