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U.S. Army Register 1858

U.S. Army Register 1858

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“Army Register Letter From the Secretary of War Transmitting A Transcript of the Official Army Register” dated February 23, 1858. The front cover has a letter from John B. Floyd Secretary of War.


This is an incredibly scarce and important US Civil War document that details the personnel, and their details in a table that covers the following:


•    Names, rank, and date of commission
•    Brevets or commissions of prior date
•    No. of months for which pay accounts are received
•    Pay
•    Rations
•    Allowance for servants
•    Forage
•    Amount of pay, rations, servants, and forage
•    Fuel
•    Quarters
•    Transportation of baggage
•    Per diem for court-martial duty
•    Per diem for topographical duty
•    Forage in kind
•    Straw for servants
•    Aggregate
•    Remarks


The personnel are categorised by rank.


This publication was published by the House of Representatives, the 35th congress, 1st session, document number 66.


This historical document is in Very Good + condition with light age toning to the edges of the pages that are only noticeable when this booklet is closed.


The American Civil War lasted between 1861 and 1865 and so this document precedes the war by just 3 years and provides a great insight into the costs of organising the American Civil War. This is an incredibly detailed and important historical record that is of museum quality.