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Walt Disney Disneykins Marx Figures for RCA Victor 1961

Walt Disney Disneykins Marx Figures for RCA Victor 1961


Louis Marx Disneykins promotional figures boxed set is for sale. This Marx Disneykins box set was given to buyers in the U.S. to help promote colour television and Walt Disney’s new colour television programme, ‘Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color’ on the NBC channel, owned by parent company RCA Victor. 


The window box is in the shape of a television set with Professor Ludwig Von Drake in the centre surrounded by Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto Disneykins.


The Walt Disney Louis Marx Disneykins box and figures are in Mint condition.


This Walt Disney Disneykins Louis Marx boxed set are an important Disney collectable on a couple of different levels. Firstly, this was the first use of Disneykins figures in a marketing giveaway – later to be used in the Disneyland parks. Secondly, it was instrumental in the launch of colour television in the U.S.