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Walt Disney Silly Symphony The Robber Kitten First Edition 1935

Walt Disney Silly Symphony The Robber Kitten First Edition 1935


Walt Disney Silly Symphony The Robber Kitten 1935 book is for sale. This rare early Walt Disney book comes complete with the original dust jacket. Perfect addition to any Disney collection.

The Robber Kitten is a US first edition book that comes complete with its original rare dust jacket. The flap to the Walt Disney Silly Symphonies The Robber Kitten dust jacket reads:


“Ambrose the kitten wanted to be a Highwayman.  His mother wanted him to take a bath.  Ambrose rebelled.  Highwaymen, he thought, never take baths.  So, he ran away.  He met Bill the Bandit.  He spent a whole day in the forest as the Robber Kitten.  And at night – well, what do you suppose Ambrose did at night?


This vintage Walt Disney The Robber Kitten book is oblong and measures 10 inches x 9 inches (approx) The colour dust jacket features the Robber Kitten and Bill the Bandit in a forest to the front with the same illustration to the back.  Underneath the colour illustrations is the caption:


“Written and Illustrated by the Staff of the Walt Disney Studios”.


The Robber Kitten dust jacket is in Good condition being mostly complete with small loss to the front (top); with close tears and minor creases with very little loss to the back at the top.  This dust jacket is seldom found and is thus extremely desirable.


The original colour The Robber Kitten front board and back board bear the same illustrations as the dust jacket and are in very bright and attractive Near Fine condition with only slight edge wear to the bottom edges.  These are an extremely attractive set of boards for this early Walt Disney story book. 


The pages are unpaginated and contain 6 brightly coloured full page cartoon illustrations with numerous black and white one page animation illustrations throughout. The pages are in overall Very Good condition with only slight age toning to the margins.