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Rare Rock and Pop Memorabilia

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Elvis Presley On Tour Two Piiece Posterr-2

Rock and Pop Memorabilia for sale includes a very large Star Scene '65 with original ticket stub, The Jam autographed postcard, Madonna signed photograph, Madonna Shanghai Surprise film poster, Madonna Who's That Girl film poster, Prince Under The Cherry Moon, and other great Elvis Presley collectables, Beatles collectables Rolling Stones collectables, and collectable vinyl records.


Elvis Presley All Shook Up Silver on Maroon HMV 7 Inch Single 1957

The rare 1957 Elvis Presley UK single All Shook Up on the His Master’s Voice (HMV) label, catalogue number 45-POP 359, is for sale. All Shook Up is an important Elvis Presley single that topped the U.S. Billboard charts on 13 April 1957 and staying at the number 1 spot for eight weeks in the U.S., and was Elvis Presley’s first U.K. number 1 single from 28 June 1957 and stayed at the top spot for 7 weeks! View Now

Price: £45.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery


Elvis For You Volume 2 EP 1964

Elvis For You Volume 2 EP 1964 Mono RCA Victor RCX-7143 1964 is for sale. The front of the sleeve has a great photograph of Elvis playing the guitar. The Elvis EP has 4 Elvis classic songs. A great Elvis collectable. View Now

Price: £32.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery


Elvis Presley's Hotel Key Las Vegas Concert Memorabilia circa 1969

Rare Elvis Presley's hotel key - a rare piece of Elvis Presley  concert memorabilia is for sale. This is a rare opportunity to own the actual hotel room key used by Elvis Presley. The hotel key is from The Royal Inn of Las Vegas located at 305 Convention Center Drive, Nevada, Las Vegas. Comes with excellent provenance. This is a great piece of Elvis memorabilia. View Now

Price: £380.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery


Jerry Lee Lewis Signed Concert Contract dated 26 July 1968

Jerry Lee Lewis rare signed contract dated 26 July 1968 is for sale. This contract was for the appearance of Jerry Lee Lewis at the T-Bird Country Ballroom, Danville, Virginia, USA on August 16 1968 for two performances. Jerry Lee Lewis has clearly signed the contract. View Now

Price: £180.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery


Star Scene '65 Concert Flyer 9th October 1965 with Seat Ticket Stub

Concert flyer Star Scene '65 for the concert promoted by Brian Epstein in association with Radio London for the 9th October 1965 with seat ticket stub is for sale. The stars appearing in this concert included The Everly Brothers, Cilla Black, Billy J. Kramer, The Marionettes, and many others. This very large flyer is double-sided with great photographs of the pop stars appearing on the bill. View Now

Price: £75.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery


Madonna Shanghai Surprise 1986 Film Poster

Shanghai Surprise Madonna British quad film poster is for sale. Shanghai Surprise starred Madonna and new husband Sean Penn (they married in 1985). View Now

Price: £120.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery


Who’s That Girl 1987 Madonna British Quad Film Poster

Who’s That Girl Film British Quad film poster is for sale. The Who’s That Girl film poster features a large face of Madonna looking upwards to her co-star Griffin Dunne. The Who’s That Girl theme song was written and sung by Madonna. View Now

Price: £65.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery


Madonna In Concert Signed Photograph

Madonna in concert signed photograph is for sale. The Madonna autograph is in blue ink in the darker portion of the photograph. This Madonna signed photograph is in Fine condition and will make a superb addition to any rock and pop memorabilia collection. View Now

Price: £120.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery


Prince Under the Cherry Moon British Quad Film Poster 1986

Prince Under the Cherry Moon large British quad film poster is for sale. Under the Cherry Moon is a British quad film poster. Prince Under the Cherry Moon was produced by and starred Prince, and co-starred Kristin Scott Thomas and Steven Berkoff.  View Now

Price: £65.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery


The Jam Signed In Concert Postcard 2000

The Jam in concert autographed photograph postcard is for sale. The Jam autographed postcard features The Jam signed photo bears the Paul Weller autograph, the Bruce Foxton autograph, and the Rick Buckler autograph. View Now

Price: £130.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery


The Beatles Show Bournemouth Concert Programme 1963

This is the very rare early Beatles concert programme for their concert at the Gaumont in Bournemouth for 19 August 1963 to 24 August 1963. View Now

Price: £260.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery


The Beatles Fourth Concert Tour of Britain Programme 1 Nov to 13 Dec 1963

This is the highly attractive and collectable early Beatles concert tour programme, which was The Beatles fourth tour of Britain, during 1 November 1963 and 13 December 1963. This Beatles has attractive silver covers with black and red lettering and design to the front cover. View Now

Price: £170.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery


Brian Epstein Presents The Beatles Christmas Show at Finsbury Park Astoria 1963

Brian Epstein Presents The Beatles Christmas Show at Finsbury Park Astoria 1963 to 1964 Christmas Concert Programme is for sale. This rare and collectable Beatles programme measures 8¾ x 11 inches (approximately) and has a great image of the Fab Four to the front cover with a purple tint. View Now

Price: £205.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery

Beatles-Mary-Wells-1964-Front-Cover Cropped.jpg

The Beatles Concert Programme for Their 5th British Tour with Mary Wells 1964

The Beatles concert programme for their 5th British tour featuring Mary Wells between 9 October to 10 November 1964. This iconic Beatles concert programme features the heads of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr on the front cover on top of playing cards. View Now

Price: £175.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery


The Beatles Christmas Show Concert Programme 1964

Another Christmas Show Concert Programme staged at the Hammersmith Odeon is for sale. The date for this early Beatles Christmas show was Thursday 24 December 1964 to Saturday 16 January 1965. View Now

Price: £150.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery


The Beatles First Christmas Flexi Disc and Original Sleeve 1963

The Beatles first Christmas flexi disc from 1963 with its original gatefold sleeve is for sale. This first in a series of Christmas messages from The Beatles is entitled: "Sincere Good Wishes For Christmas and the New Year". View Now

Price: £180.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery


The Beatles Third Christmas Flexi Disc In Original Sleeve 1965

The Beatles rare third Christmas flexi record from 1965 is for sale. “The Beatles Third Christmas Record cannot be bought in the shops. Copies are not available at any price to people who do not belong to The Official Beatles Fan Club of Great Britain.” View Now

Price: £105.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery


The Beatles Complete Set of 60 AB&C Trade Cards 1964

The Beatles complete set of 60 AB and C trade cards from 1964 are for sale. Each of The Beatles trade cards has a great photo from their early days and comes with a facsimile signature by or more of the group. This is a highly collectable set of vintage Beatles trade cards. View Now

Price: £125.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery


John Lennon A Spaniard in the Works First Edition 1965

John Lennon A Spaniard in the Works  first edition book 1965 is for sale. The John Lennon A Spaniard in the Works front board bears an illustration by Robert Freeman and the back board bears the list of contents. A Spaniard in the Works has 90 numbered pages with numerous John Lennon poems and illustrations throughout.  View Now


The Beatles Red Album 1962 – 1966 Double Album Red Vinyl 1973

The Beatles LP Red Album on rare red vinyl is for sale. The Beatles Red Album is on the Parlophone label PCSPR 717 and was released in 1973. The Beatles 1962 - 1966 album is a double Beatles album containing The Beatles hits between 1962 and 1966. View Now

Price: £65.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery


Ringo Starr Snookeroo & OO-Wee Factory Sample 1974

Ringo Starr single Snookeroo Apple label R6004 1974 Factory Sample is for sale. Snookeroo was written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin. View Now

Price: £35.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery


The Rolling Stones Big Hits [High Tide and Green Grass] Stereo LP 1966

Rolling Stones LP Big Hits [High Tide and Green Grass] 1966 is for sale. This is the rare and collectable stereo LP on the Decca label reference TXS101 that comes complete with its original booklet. The gatefold album sleeve which houses the LP and booklet is covered to the front, back and inside with colour photographs of The Stones in their younger days. View Now

Price: £50.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery


The Rolling Stones Some Girls LP CUN 39108 1978

Rolling Stones Some LP Some Girls is for sale. The Rolling Stones Some Girls LP was released on June 9th 1978 on Rolling Stones Records CUN 39108. The Rolling Stones Some Girls album has a die-cut album front cover with two different designs to the inner sleeve (front and back) that allows The Rolling Stones fan to change the design of the album cover depending upon which way they put the inner sleeve into the album cover. View Now

Price: £50.00 Inclusive of Tracked Delivery